website redesign

I recently finished up a website redesign for Revolution Chiropractic. As a client myself, I have been impressed with the passion and knowledge that Dr. Adam Duncan and his staff possess.

They needed a website that shows off who they are and help them stand out from the crowd of chiropractors in the city. Check out the website and be sure to give them a call and get yourself adjusted. You won't regret it! 

new project \\ midwife elizabeth branding

Elizabeth Norwood, CPM came to me several months ago needing a complete rebrand for her business as a midwife. Working as a midwife is an intimate experience. Elizabeth's job is to connect with women, working with them to bring new life into the world. She wanted to keep the logo simple and typographic. As I thought about how to convey the idea of connection, I began to play with with overlapping parts of the M and W. I then added the green and blue to give this simple, modern typographic logo a sense of life and growth. 

Take a look at the solution below and check out the full website  here.



new project \\ branding + website

I love branding and I love dessert, so this was an especially fun project. Donna came to me several months ago wanting a logo for her new dessert company, Strictly Desserts. I spent a few weeks on the branding and came up with something that I think is both fun and professional and gives the feeling of a quality homemade product. Check out the branding below and her website that I designed at! 


I've had the opportunity to do some print pieces for the soon-to-be-released feature documentary Where Was God? The documentary takes a look at families that were affected by the May 20 Moore Tornado and how they found hope in God. If you have a chance go check out their website and take a look at the trailer below. The premier is set for May 16 at the Moore Warren Theatre. Super excited about this!